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Band Camp 2008

Yet another year in the books.


The band is back from band camp, after another great week of devotion. They spent the week at The University of Rio Grande, and worked 6 hard days to become masters of marching. Throughout their stay, they had marching band practice, full band music rehearsals, and individual sectionals.


Every band member, including color guard began their days with calisthenics at 7:30 in the morning, which included exercises such as “My name is Joe”, lengthy arm circle movements, and jumping jacks. This portion of the day was led by Former GMHS Band member Devlin Pope, and other selected band members.


The band spent hours memorizing both music and marching routines, which many have already completed. As a whole, the band finished the 1st show tunes drill, and a large portion of the 2nd.


This years evening activities included many fun and interactive things. The first night was badge night, where everybody received a nametag badge. Due to large participation, two nights were given to a ROCK BAND competition (Won by The Dewmes). Election night was on the second to last evening, and the band decided on Class Representatives. Once a class rep, you must maintain a steady band schedule and arrive prompt and early to band events such as the hayride and the band formal. The Junior Reps are also responsible for making the “Wacky Awards” at the 2009 Band Awards Banquet.


The 2008 Class reps are:

Freshman: Cameron Jones and Lisa Lam Sophomore: Jacob Conkle and Roxanne Torok     Junior: Aaron England and Alex Thomas   Senior: Misha Rickard and James Sims


On the last evening, a tribute was given to the senior class on completing their final band camp. The seniors walked around to the younger classes with candles and every class sang a song called “We love you seniors” to them. This was followed by a large hugging session, where they could share stories about their experience.


The week went great, and every band member deserved the accomplishments that occurred. However, they wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of our awesome band parents who came along; Mrs. Kelli Wehrle, Mrs. Ann Barraco, and Mrs. Vicki Keck. You Guys are awesome!



(Aaron England Reporting)