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The symphonic band rehearsal for tonight (02/16/10) has been canceled and will be rescheduled due to extreme road conditions. This gives everyone a chance to practice at home!


Happy Playing,

Aaron England






Congratulations to the members of the Brass and Woodwind Choirs who performed at Solo and Ensemble at Pickerington North High School (02/13/10). The Brass Choir earned a II, and The Woodwind Choir earned a I (Superior) rating. 

Individual Performers Include:

Doug Espie (Solo)

Riley Robey (Solo)

Matt Koenig (Solo)

Jacob Conkle (Solo)

Will Eldridge (Solo)

Cameron Jones (Solo)

Flute Quartet (Madison Evans, Katey Lyons, Alex Thomas, and Faith McLean)

*I don't have a list folks, let me know if I missed you, -Aaron




Our Bands own, Andrew Mackley plays at the ROSE BOWL...(More Coming Soon!)


Happy New Year from the officers!

We hope that everybody had a wonderful break these past weeks. Still, be ready and prepared for school this Monday. Be sure to get lots of sleep, and see you soon!