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First Summer Practice 2009

(June 9th, 2009)

The first marching band practice for the 2009-10' school year was indeed a success. Band members were welcomed by the officers, where they had to sign-in and claim their name badges, as well as their marching band music. This music will need to be maintained until the end of marching band.

After signing in, the members waited for practice to begin in the band room. A little past 7:00pm, the band was called to attention, and practice began with a Bb Concert Scale. 

Mrs. Brown went over announcements, then the band went outside and lined up in block band. 

The group learned everything from mark-time, to 4-step spacing. Overall, it was indeed a positive experience for everyone. 

The band marched around the parking lot and stopped in front of the high school for introductions. At one point or another, every band member is introduced in front of everyone in the band. Usually, they are introduced by a student of the senior class. 

Marching resumed, and they marched back to the band room for the end of practice. 

The next practice is on Tuesday June 16th. Hope to see everyone there!

(Aaron England Reporting)