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2008 GMHS Band Banquet

Awards Banquet (All GMHS BANDS)

The 2007-2008 Groveport Band Banquet went great.
Ceremonies started with Mrs. Brown giving out the 1st year member awards. As the night continued all members received a pin for how many years they had completed.
The Wacky Awards were presented by Monica Sivixay, and Aaron England. The awards winners are listed below:
Best Looking in Band Uniform (M): Drew Borenstein
Best Looking in Band Uniform (F): Kristin Decker
Most Embarrassing Moment: David Stickler (Trip on fire hydrant)
Worst Mistake: Roxanne Torok (2008 Spring Concert)
Cutest Couple: Tony Sivixay and Allison Reynolds
Most Dramatic: Andrew Klein
Biggest Band Geek: Quinton Jones
The new band officers were also announced.
PRES: Kristin Decker
V. Pres: Andrew Mackley
Secretary: Monica Sivixay
Treasurer: Chelsea Holbrook
Congratulations To All Band Members!
(Aaron England Reporting)