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Goodbye Seniors Letter By Aaron England



On behalf of the 2009, 2010, and 2011 classes in the Groveport Madison High School Cruiser Band, I would like to thank you. You are truly appreciated.


Over the last four years, you have dedicated time, money, and sleep to this band. And for who? For What? For US! You have dealt with the situations that have been given to you with such dignity, and contentment. You have stepped up the ladder in this amazing group’s staircase and now you are at the top.


Although you will be leaving us all soon, your sense of pride will live on. We will continue with your passion, in efforts of motivating lower classes to do the same. When we welcome ourselves back to the 50 yard line this fall, it will be you, who we will remember teaching the 8-5 technique, and that perfect 22 step. And when we arrive in patience to our first competition, we will be silent, but your voices will still be heard.


Waking up early in July knowing there MUST be something better to do, we will go on out to the Rio Grande Bob Evans Hall parking lot, and do the dreaded kalifornia, kaliflower, kalitennis, whatever it is that Mrs. Brown calls it, and we will do it without complaint. Why? Because you did. Your leadership this year was cordial. You always did what you wanted to, but when it came down to business you had us ALL in order.


Your career at Groveport is now retired, and the remainders of us are all a stepping-stone closer to being even an angle of where you are now.


Before you leave I have just one more thing to say. Band Halt 1, 2, because your journey has successfully stopped.


In Closing, all I have to say is Thanks! Drew, Nicole, Kelli, Kahla, Tony, Rob, Penny, Steven, Valerie, Ryan, Cortney, Brian, Michelle, and Everyone else. Thank You.



Thanks for everything,

Aaron J. England

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