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2008 High School Play Features MANY Band Members


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"Sleeping Beauty...And The Beast"
Dates: 1/22/09  1/23/09    1/24/09  
Opens: 7PM   $8
The Cruiser Theatre Company proudly presents "Sleeping Beauty...And The Beast". This humorous play is a fairytale adventure similar to Shrek. Please plan on attending.
Band members in the production are:
Jordan Elmore (Prince Charmless)
Allison Reynolds (Princess Rose)
Andrew Mackley (The Headless Horseman)
Aaron England (Igor)
Kristin Decker & Breshia Wells (Stepsisters)
Lisa Lam (Snow White's Dwarve)
Larry Sealey (Party Goer)
Brandon Lively & Rachel Tanner (Prod. Booth)
Jesse Burns, Katice Bolds, Lacey Upham, Mike Quillen, Michaela Williams (Stage Hands)
(Aaron England Reporting)