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Band plays at 2008 Graduation Ceremonies

The band played on Friday at the graduation ceremonies of 2008. Their performance opened with the playing of "Fanfare and Processional" to greet the class, and closed the event with "Fanfare and Recessional".
This senior class accumulated over 1.8 million dollars in awards and scholarships.  The staff and administration are proud of the efforts of these students. For a list of all of their accomplishments, click below.

List of scholarship and award winners



2008 Band Member Senior Graduates

Tiffany Blevins;    Drew Borenstein;   Stephanie Braden;   Penny Burch;   Nicole Chiles;   Maya Cobb;   Kahla Davis;   Alana Drury;   Nikki Foster-Spearman;   Brian Gabriel;   Ashlie Graves;   Derek Hall;   Melanie Howard;   Andrew Klein;   Briana Lancaster;   Ryan Langen;   Valerie Marcum;   Hugo Martinez Jr.;   Cortney Mathias;   Alex Mavromatis;   Chris Metcalf;   Cristine Miller;   Rob Milligan;   Lisa Neimeister;   Kelli Norris;   Nick Parker;   Taylor Runkle;   Teffie Seevers;   Anthony Sivixay;   Rachel Smith;   Sarah Starkey;   David Stickler;   Stephen Sydnor;   Michelle Waers;   Katie Young.

Congratulations on a wonderful four years to remember.

(Aaron England Reporting)