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***Has your student paid all her/his fees?  The winter uniforms won’t be released to the students until their uniform cleaning fee has been paid – so if you’ve not paid the $35, please do so ASAP.***

Have questions about uniforms? Just read on ....

Scheduled fittings for 2007/08 marching band are done. If you've not yet been fitted, please contact Bessie Buckland, our VP-Uniforms to schedule a time to be fitted.

Everyone must be fitted - you must try on your uniform from 2006/07 so we can make sure everything's ok before the uniforms get cleaned & pressed or be fitted in a new uniform. Please come to the high school uniform storage room at your appointed time. (Look for the signs ... the room's down the hall from the band room)

Still have questions? Email Bessie Buckland at